Resources Available to Students

Does your child need homework help?

Is your child falling behind in a subject?

Are you feeling like you aren’t sure what to do to guide your child?

Below are several resources to remind your child to tap:

  • There is help both lunch periods from an adult and peers, in what we call the Panther Den. So, remind your child to bring his/her lunch to the ‘Panther Den’ room 301 for help.
  • Have your child attend academic assistance on late start Wednesdays starting at 8:55 in all classrooms across campus.
  • Have your child attend Zeros Aren’t Permitted (ZAP).  This program was created to support students who need time to catch up because they were absent or need extra help with classes.  This space is staffed with four adults and peer tutors and is open at 7:30 on a late start.  Your child may be invited to this learning opportunity or you can talk to your counselor about getting this support for your child.

Speaking of counselors, our counselors Caryl Altman and Mary Brannen are great resources as well as mailing your child’s teacher for suggestions.

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