Update on Parking Lot Woes

Parking is still challenging and we continue to encourage you to drive slowly, watch for children crossing and walking behind cars as you pull in and out of the front lot.
Remember, safety is our number one priority.

Thank you all for your patience as you let cars turn into the school before you exit the school onto Orange Grove.  Try exiting to the right and you will move out of our lot much faster than turning left onto Orange Grove.

Thank you for not dropping your children off in the bus bay and respecting that the bus bay is for buses only.   

Thank you for slowing down in the parking lot and staying on the inside lane to drop your children off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon, and of course... 

Thank you for your sense of humor as you pull all the way forward hoping your child won’t miss you as he/she leaves the school in the afternoon. 

Our parking lot still isn’t perfect, but you have all helped to make sure that the parking lot is a safer place for students to be dropped off and picked up.  

Speaking of safety, please do not drop your child off before 7:00 on regular school days and do not drop your child off before 8:55 during late start days unless your child attends our before school programming.  Unfortunately, we do not have the staff to watch your child on our campus and our gates will remain closed until 7:00 a.m. and 9:00.  Finally, while we don’t have help in the morning, we also don’t have help in the afternoon.  We wish we had the manpower to watch students who are not picked up in a timely manner, but we do not.   Our parking lot is cleared by 2:45 and staff and administration often have meetings to attend right after school.   When students tell you to come late because they want to visit with friends, don’t listen. Be on time.  When students tell you, they have things to do after school, they don’t, come get them.  School is out at 2:30 and if you need extra support to pick your child up on time, ask a friend to help, or sign your student up for a Community School’s activity.  Please help us keep your child safe by being responsible and being on time for your child.  

We do thank you for your cooperation regarding drop off, pick up and parking and again we remind you to watch for students when backing out of parking spots or pulling into spots.  

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