How Does OGMS Run Conferences?

Before we know it, conferences will be here.

At OGMS we want our students to be able to reflect on their learning, set goals for improvement, and learn how to construct support for the work they select as their portfolio pieces.  We ask our students to discuss how they will continue to grow and learn as well as what they have learned about themselves. Helping our students take ownership for their learning is key and we believe, one of the most powerful ways to help students take ownership for their work ethic and achievement. However, we recognize parents have a need to be able to talk to teachers and often feel uncomfortable emailing staff, so we run two types of conferences at OGMS.

In the fall, we run a modified conference schedule. Parents sign up to speak to a teacher during conferences. Each teacher will have 10 minute slots to support a meeting with you and your child. It is critical to involve your child in this conference because parents and teachers can further model for students how adults hold conferences, a task your child will do in the spring. We will send more information at the end of September to support signing up online for a conference with one, two or all of your child’s teachers. We do the best we can to accommodate as many families as possible during the two-day schedule and we recognize not everyone attends nor are there enough slots for everyone. 

The fall conference is optional, but the spring conference where your child leads the conference will not be optional. Please know you can reach out to your child’s teachers anytime by simply emailing them. So if you have questions, please don’t wait until conference time to support your child or to further understand a question that you wonder about regarding your child’s progress.

Thank you and we look forward to conferences in early October.

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