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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Keeping You in the Loop

Keeping you in the Loop at Orange Grove

Save the date for our first Dine-Out
What can be better than not having to make dinner after a long day?  Not having to make dinner and helping your school!  Papa John’s Sunrise/Kolb, Wed Sept 21st 20% back all day long on all orders. No flyer needed. They will deliver out of area but you must call 299-3232 to place your order.

100% Participation for 100% of the Students
If you attended Pick Up and Unpack or Back to School Night, you are familiar with the Panther Pride Direct Giving Campaign.  We like to focus on participation in this fundraising effort because every donation counts whether is $5 or $500, and it all stays at Orange Grove to benefit all our students and teachers. Thus far we behind on our goal, but it isn’t too late to make a donation!  If you would like to contribute any dollar amount look for the orange envelopes in the office, contact Linda Gee at or click on the following link:

Lunch Duty Update
Our lunch duty volunteers have been amazing!  I can’t tell you enough how helpful it is to have so many parents lending a hand to supervise students during lunch.  Thank you so much for giving your time and energy to make sure our students are safe and that teachers are getting a break.  If you haven’t had a chance to volunteer yet and would like to, simply click on the following link to sign up. Also, at this link you will be able to read lunch duty tasks that best support the staff:

Staying in Touch
• Check the FFO website:
• Like OGMS on Facebook
• Make sure you subscribe to the online newsletter by entering your email address at:
• Attend our next FFO meeting: Thursday, September 22nd at 8:30 a.m. in the school library. 

Ongoing Fundraisers
Ø  AJ’s Cards- Cards are free, but are preloaded with $10. They are purchased through the FFO. They work at Basha’s, AJ’s, and Food City. Reload your card at any register in the store for any amount.
-Every time you reload your card OGMS will automatically get 6%!!
-These make a great gift and you can add money to it at any register.
-Tip: Reload using your mileage credit card for double the value!
Ø  Fry’s VIP-, pull down at Community tab-> Community Rewards-> Enroll Now->Enter account info-> Search Orange Grove Middle School.
-Encourage family and friends to also attach their VIP card to OGMS.
Ø  BoxTops- Yes! We collected BoxTops, too. Why not, it’s free money! Encourage family and friends to collect them for you as well. Turn into container in office.

Thank you from your FFO!
Galena Robinson
OGMS FFO President

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Chinese Language and Culture Day

Young Reporters Workshop

Tech Talk

It was a pleasure meeting so many parents at Open House. I hope that you found the “lunchtime” presentation valuable on how to use teacher websites and ParentVUE. If you were unable to attend the presentation, I have updated the OGMS Technology Tips page to include the presentation. I have also included the link to the survey asking you to let us know how we are doing communicating with you regarding your student’s grades, assignments, and connecting with teachers.

Finally, if you need support with activating ParentVUE, login issues, or other questions about using OGMS technology, don’t hesitate to email or leave a message at the Tech Helpdesk, 520-209-8295. For more immediate assistance, email is the best contact method. Please remember to take the survey and let us know how we are doing.


Stephanie Olson


Monday, August 29, 2016

Counselor's Corner

Counselor’s Corner   

September Edition

September’s theme is “Aspirations.”  Students and staff will have celebrated “College Colors” this past week, making it a perfect opportunity for your child to begin thinking about his/her own future college goals. 

Middle School is the appropriate time to begin talking with your child about their long-range goals and aspirations. Investing in meaningful conversations early in the year will pay off in positive dividends as they go through the ups and downs of the school year. 

When speaking with your child, you may want to include the following talking points:

“What academic and personal goals have you set for yourself this year?”

“How will these goals help you prepare for high school and college?”

“What thoughts/dreams do you have for your future self?”

We are always here to offer support and guidance to your child.  Please contact us should you need anything.  We look forward to supporting your child throughout the 2016-2017 school year!

Mary Brannen- 6th grade, 209-8223,
Caryl Altman – 7th& 8th grade, 209-8205,

Monthly Department Focus - Elective Classes

Each month our newsletter highlights a different department at OGMS.  Our hope is to provide you with an overview of what is happening in classes within the various departments or just provide gentle reminders on ways to help students have success.  This month we spotlight our specialists:

PE/Health- The year in our Physical Education/Health classes, we have gotten off to a great start as students have settled into the
routines of our work. Most of the students are showcasing responsible behaviors in a number of ways. Mrs. Atkins, Mrs. Brandhuber, Mr. Collinsworth and Mr. Souza have been impressed with the work-ethic, positive behaviors, and high levels of mental-engagement shown by the students this year.  PE uniforms are generally being taken home for laundering weekly--and most kids have established a system that ensures that the uniforms are back on campus for class. A common strategy used by the students is to bring the uniform on Monday and bring it home on Friday. Please remind your child to stay hydrated throughout the day and it is encouraged that students bring water bottles to our classes. It is also a good idea for students to wear sunscreen on days we will be outside for class. All OGMS families are encouraged to continue to support their children’s fitness health by planning fitness-building activities that can be done together, discussing and modeling healthy nutritional choices, enforcing adequate sleep patterns, and hugging your kids at least 3 times a day—even when they do the goofy things that middle school kids are prone to do (or perhaps especially when they do the goofy things).


Art- This year Ms. Adelaide Anderson is joined again by Ms. Carla Prinster. Students have been focusing on the creative process of self-expression by designing a unique art portfolio cover that reflect your students’ personal identity. We are currently reviewing and building upon the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. Students will incorporate these elements in a variety of creative projects throughout the semester.

Music/Choir-CHOIR - Students in 7th and 8th Grade Choir over the course of the year will have an opportunity to reinforce many techniques used to sing as a unit.  Skills include working on: Pitch, Tone Quality, Note/Rhythm Reading, Dynamics, Breath Control, Proper Breathing, and Blending as a group. We also work on various System’s Thinking tools, Collaboration, and Creativity and Innovation to further support some of the Deep Learning Proficiencies.  Students are doing a great job and the year ahead will be an exciting one for all.

*Our first Choir Concert will be Wednesday, December 7, 2016               

EIGHTH GRADE GENERAL MUSIC – Students are studying the History of Rock Music.  They are learning how music and society affect each other.  Students will be composing their own Blues Songs, complete with lyrics, melody, and harmony, and performing them on the piano.

SEVENTH GRADE GENERAL MUSIC - Students are currently learning how music and culture are connected.  They are learning about a variety of music around the world.

SIXTH GRADE GENERAL MUSIC: Students are listening to and learning about various styles/genres of music.  We will be starting basic note reading soon.  Students begin Choir second quarter to have the experience of what it is like to be part of a choir. First semester Sixth Graders in General Music will have an opportunity to sing at our concert on Wednesday, December 7, 2016.  Information to follow!

All General Music Classes will be working on Garage Band (a music writing program on the computer) Compositions.

BandThe band program is moving right along.  The first couple of weeks have been spent working on routines, procedures, and good rehearsal etiquette.   We have been reviewing basic concepts and working on improving the skills that students already show some mastery of. 

 6th and 7th grade students have begun working towards their first concert and the 8th grade students are almost finished memorizing the music for their performance at Catalina Foothills High School at the end of the month.  In addition to learning this music, students have been working on reading rhythms and playing major scales.  The beginning band students are learning their first notes and even producing a good sound. 

 All families have been asked to review the band website, including the performance schedule, and put dates in their calendars.  Instruments should be taken home to practice daily to reinforce what they learned in class.  Parents, please have your students perform for you at home!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Update on Parking Lot Woes

Parking is still challenging and we continue to encourage you to drive slowly, watch for children crossing and walking behind cars as you pull in and out of the front lot.
Remember, safety is our number one priority.

Thank you all for your patience as you let cars turn into the school before you exit the school onto Orange Grove.  Try exiting to the right and you will move out of our lot much faster than turning left onto Orange Grove.

Thank you for not dropping your children off in the bus bay and respecting that the bus bay is for buses only.   

Thank you for slowing down in the parking lot and staying on the inside lane to drop your children off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon, and of course... 

Thank you for your sense of humor as you pull all the way forward hoping your child won’t miss you as he/she leaves the school in the afternoon. 

Our parking lot still isn’t perfect, but you have all helped to make sure that the parking lot is a safer place for students to be dropped off and picked up.  

Speaking of safety, please do not drop your child off before 7:00 on regular school days and do not drop your child off before 8:55 during late start days unless your child attends our before school programming.  Unfortunately, we do not have the staff to watch your child on our campus and our gates will remain closed until 7:00 a.m. and 9:00.  Finally, while we don’t have help in the morning, we also don’t have help in the afternoon.  We wish we had the manpower to watch students who are not picked up in a timely manner, but we do not.   Our parking lot is cleared by 2:45 and staff and administration often have meetings to attend right after school.   When students tell you to come late because they want to visit with friends, don’t listen. Be on time.  When students tell you, they have things to do after school, they don’t, come get them.  School is out at 2:30 and if you need extra support to pick your child up on time, ask a friend to help, or sign your student up for a Community School’s activity.  Please help us keep your child safe by being responsible and being on time for your child.  

We do thank you for your cooperation regarding drop off, pick up and parking and again we remind you to watch for students when backing out of parking spots or pulling into spots.  

Resources Available to Students

Does your child need homework help?

Is your child falling behind in a subject?

Are you feeling like you aren’t sure what to do to guide your child?

Below are several resources to remind your child to tap:

  • There is help both lunch periods from an adult and peers, in what we call the Panther Den. So, remind your child to bring his/her lunch to the ‘Panther Den’ room 301 for help.
  • Have your child attend academic assistance on late start Wednesdays starting at 8:55 in all classrooms across campus.
  • Have your child attend Zeros Aren’t Permitted (ZAP).  This program was created to support students who need time to catch up because they were absent or need extra help with classes.  This space is staffed with four adults and peer tutors and is open at 7:30 on a late start.  Your child may be invited to this learning opportunity or you can talk to your counselor about getting this support for your child.

Speaking of counselors, our counselors Caryl Altman and Mary Brannen are great resources as well as mailing your child’s teacher for suggestions.

Mark Your Calendar

Important Dates for September:

Check the OGMS website for game schedules
Sept. 5th            No School - Labor Day
Sept. 7th            No Late Start - School starts at 7:30
Sept. 9th            Check ParentVUE for your child’s current mid-                                  quarter progress report
Sept. 22nd         FFO meeting 8:30 a.m. in OGMS Library
Sept. 30th          CFSD Foundation Taste Sensation for Education at Hacienda del Sol 6pm

How Does OGMS Run Conferences?

Before we know it, conferences will be here.

At OGMS we want our students to be able to reflect on their learning, set goals for improvement, and learn how to construct support for the work they select as their portfolio pieces.  We ask our students to discuss how they will continue to grow and learn as well as what they have learned about themselves. Helping our students take ownership for their learning is key and we believe, one of the most powerful ways to help students take ownership for their work ethic and achievement. However, we recognize parents have a need to be able to talk to teachers and often feel uncomfortable emailing staff, so we run two types of conferences at OGMS.

In the fall, we run a modified conference schedule. Parents sign up to speak to a teacher during conferences. Each teacher will have 10 minute slots to support a meeting with you and your child. It is critical to involve your child in this conference because parents and teachers can further model for students how adults hold conferences, a task your child will do in the spring. We will send more information at the end of September to support signing up online for a conference with one, two or all of your child’s teachers. We do the best we can to accommodate as many families as possible during the two-day schedule and we recognize not everyone attends nor are there enough slots for everyone. 

The fall conference is optional, but the spring conference where your child leads the conference will not be optional. Please know you can reach out to your child’s teachers anytime by simply emailing them. So if you have questions, please don’t wait until conference time to support your child or to further understand a question that you wonder about regarding your child’s progress.

Thank you and we look forward to conferences in early October.

School Attendance and Tardies

Last month we provided tips on helping your child have a successful start to their day, this month we wanted to review our attendance policy as found in the student handbook/planner.

Regular attendance at Orange Grove Middle School is expected for successful completion of our rigorous curriculum.  Parents and guardians are charged by law with responsibility for the student’s consistent school attendance.

For purposes of safety, parents are asked to call the school or the attendance line by 8:00 a.m. (10:00 am on late start) if a student is going to be absent from school, regardless of the reason.  Any students absent without permission will be unexcused for the day and the absence will not be excused without a written note from the parents or a doctor. The attendance line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 209-8290.  Please notify the front office staff in advance of planned absences. Verification of medically excused absences must be filed with the Attendance Office or Nurse within ten (10) days of the last day of the period of the medically excused absence.  A notification letter may be sent to the parent/guardian when the student reaches eight excused or unexcused absences in one or more classes in a semester.

School Hours
School is in session from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. No student should be on the school grounds before 7:00 a.m. unless requested by a teacher.  All students should leave the school grounds by 2:45 p.m. unless requested by a teacher or participating in a supervised activity.  Students who continue to remain on campus after 2:45 p.m. and who are not involved in a school-sponsored activity will be charged a fee by Community Schools.

All tardy students must sign in at the front office when they arrive at school.  In order for an absence or tardy to be excused, parents are to either:
1. Call the attendance line at 209-8290 if the student is arriving after 7:30.
2. Have their child bring a parent/doctor’s note to the front office.
3. Sign the student in at the front office.

Students are expected to be seated in the classroom when the final bell rings.   Students who arrive late to school should follow the late arrival guidelines.  Students are allowed 4 unexcused 1st period tardies per quarter and students who have repeated tardies will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the Code of Conduct, due to lost instructional time and classroom disruption.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How Do I Find Out How My Student is Doing in Classes?

To learn about how your child is doing, remember to use the link on our website to go to ParentVUE. If you need password help, please contact Stephanie Olson at or 209-8218.

You can also get to our Teacher Websites from the OGMS website to get assignment and homework information. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Friday, August 5, 2016

Message from the Principal

I am excited for our new school year to begin.  It will be wonderful to have students back on campus.  A special welcome to our new sixth grade families from Manzanita, Sunrise Drive and other elementary schools!  The staff at Orange Grove Middle School extends a warm welcome to all new and returning families. Please contact us if we can do anything to support a smooth transition into the school year for your child.

At Orange Grove Middle School, we receive students who have been prepared at the elementary level, and in turn, we prepare them to transition smoothly to the high school level.  This preparedness begins on day one as we begin to help students gain a sense of belonging and we help our young adolescents develop ownership for their learning.  Taking ownership for one’s learning is David Conley and his research team’s work.  Teachers and staff will model and express the importance of what it is to be persistent, self-aware, seek help and have self-efficacy.  The other key learning skills under Conley’s model of student ownership: motivation, progress monitoring, and goal setting are developed throughout the year and are showcased in our Student Led Conferences (SLC) in the spring where your child talks about his/her strengths and areas for improvement and goals.  We look forward to sharing more about the SLC process in the spring. 

The start of a school year is a special time, filled with anticipation and hope of what the new year will bring. Sixth graders and their parents will have an opportunity to have many of their questions answered at orientation on Wednesday, August 11th at 10:30 a.m.  for students and 10:45 for parents. For all our families, we ask that you please plan to attend our back-to-school parent night on Sept. 1st.  Back-to-school night will provide an opportunity for you to meet your student’s teachers and to learn about each subject area for the year ahead.  We also look forward to continuing our partnership with you at our FFO parent coffees that occur prior to FFO meetings. The FFO parent coffees give you an opportunity to meet with other parents at your child’s grade and learn what to expect from your 6th, 7th, or 8th grader. You will receive invitations to these coffees in the mail.

I want to take some time to point out important and helpful hints that will further support your student having a successful year and you having some strategies to maneuver the school year as you show your adolescent you are ‘smarter than a middle schooler.’  When your child says, ‘I have no homework,’ ask your child to take you to the OGMS website and go under the tab Teacher Websites in the Express Lane.  As he/she takes you to his/her teachers’ various sites, this allows you as the parent to begin a dialogue about what’s going on in your child’s classes and your child to take ownership for his/her learning.  If your child uncovers he/she does have homework, you can talk about responsibility and reminding your child that the website is the first place to look to seek help to keep on track regarding what’s happening in the classroom if he/she can’t remember.

If you know your child is struggling with homework or is having trouble getting assignments done, you can talk about helpful structures Orange Grove provides to all students.   For a middle schooler, being self-aware he/she has options for seeking help is huge.  Ask your child if he/she has gone to:
A.  The Panther Den, room 301, at lunch.  The Den is a place any student can go to get help from his/her peers and/or an adult who helps monitor the activity in the room as well as supports the students.
B.  Academic Assistance is offered to your child on late start Wednesdays.   All teachers are in their classrooms and available to support students on assignments, concepts, and just general questions that your student may have about the unit of study.  If your child rides the bus, students arrive on time to participate in academic assistance from 8:55 till 9:25. 
C.  Finally, if your child shares these structures are not working for him/her and you know there are missing assignments on the ParentVUE, then you can suggest your child visit his/her counselor. We hope that our Zeros Aren’t Permitted Program (ZAP) is a last resort, but if your child is not exercising his/her progress-monitoring skills and using his/her resources for seeking help, you may get a note, a phone call or an email nudging your child to take student ownership by attending our ZAP program at 7:30 a.m. on a Late Start Wednesday.  This program is designed to support students get caught up because of absences, or just may lack the motivation needed to turn work in. 

So, as we welcome you to the new school year and share some of the resources available to keep you one step ahead of your middle schooler, know we are here for you working on helping your child feel a sense of belonging and working on one of Conley’s main Keys to help your child have success here at OGMS and his/her years beyond by taking Ownership for their Learning. 

Finally, I invite each of you to participate in our FFO.  Our first meeting of the school year is scheduled for Friday, August 26, at 8:30 A.M.   

A very special thank you to our FFO for providing so many wonderful things for our classrooms and helping to fund the majority of our marquee-look for important messaging when driving by it should be installed sometime during the first week of school.

Please know counselors and administration are here to help you, and we are thrilled to be partnering with you in the year ahead. 

                   Have a great weekend and welcome shortly to a new school year!

Susan Rosenthal

OGMS Welcomes Our New Staff!

Dr. Julie Nikolas, Assistant Principal - I am excited to be a part of CFSD! I choose to serve in education because I believe the mind is beautiful & I love helping others. I grew up in South Dakota & earned my professional degrees in Educational Leadership from the University of South Dakota. I completed undergraduate degrees at Northern State University in elementary/middle school education and K-12 Music Education. This year I am blessed to serve as the Assistant Principal at OGMS and as a Learning Support Specialist for the District. I dedicated my professional life to 22+ years classroom teaching and 15+ years leadership, supervision, human resources, and training & development. I love learning. I am a widow but have a wonderfully supportive and fun family with two children enrolled in college. I love to inspire others to optimal performance and build healthy relationships, utilizing creative problem-solving solutions, while being attentive to detail. I look forward to getting to know everyone.

Pam Pyne, Science Teacher - I am very excited to be teaching 6th and 7th grade science this year and returning to OGMS! I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Northern Arizona University. I have worked for Catalina Foothills School District for 14 years. I have always been involved in education and knew that being a science teacher was my calling. I look forward to sharing my love of science with your son/daughter through our enriching and challenging curriculum. During my free time I enjoy going to the ocean, playing racquetball, and hiking.  I was here last year, but came after the school year started.

Carla Prinster, Art Teacher - I am excited to return to Orange Grove this year after a teaching one semester, last year. I have been a studio artist for thirty plus years with an expertise in clay. I draw and paint on my pottery as well as on paper and consider myself a colorist. My teaching experience has been varied, with a range of students from kindergarten to adult. My philosophy of teaching is to be a facilitator and guide. I value the uninhibited mind of youth and their ability to explore ideas freely. I will be teaching and reviewing the basic elements of art and principles of design as a foundation that students will expand on while creating their own fine art. I am optimistic for a great year ahead while students create their masterpieces.

Annie Gathmann, ELA Teacher - My journey in education commenced in Durango, CO where I graduated from Fort Lewis College Teacher Education Department with a Bachelor's degree in Secondary English Education. Little did I know, my passion for educating students would lead me to the Navajo Indian Reservation. For five years I worked for the students and community of Pinon, AZ as an English teacher. I was recognized for my thematic based units, leadership and community involvement. After three years of teaching in Pinon, I was promoted to an Instructional Coach. As I learn about the needs of your children, I am excited to facilitate their learning and growing in new and engaging ways. Middle school is a very pivotal time for many students. I believe what happens in middle school will inevitably impact their futures, so it is my promise to help your children unlock the mysteries of grammar, discover the and connect with the personalities of characters in a story, and write our own stories.

Christina Borth, Resource Teacher - I am originally from the Twin Cities of Minnesota and attended Southwest Minnesota State University and The University of Minnesota Twin Cities, as well as Augsburg College. While there I studied Spanish language, Teaching English as a Second Language/Foreign Language, and Special Education.   I went into teaching originally as an English as a Second Language Instructor. After working in a bilingual elementary and middle school, I transitioned into working in special education. I taught second semester at OGMS last year and look forward to a full year with the students and staff at OGMS.  My hobbies include reading, running, hiking, water skiing, baking, and taking walks with my dogs Richie and Oscar. Ms. Borth is excited for another school year with the Orange Grove Family this 2016/2017 academic year.

Diana Kelley, Resource Teacher - I grew up in upstate New York. I have a dual certification in elementary education and special education. I have had the privilege of teaching all grade levels and all subject areas through my 3 years as a substitute in upstate New York. During that time, I also was a stay at home mom with my two daughters, Stella and Nina. Before that, I taught K-3rd grade special education in the commonwealth of Virginia for 7 years. I enjoy being a special educator because I work best as part of a team, I enjoy each child's individuality and I am an educational seamstress: tailor-making each child's educational experience so it fits their personalities and abilities as accurately as possible for the best 'fit'. I am also a human buttress: my job is to lean in and support the foundations of the people who are in my life. I enjoy music and art: I play piano, guitar, flute, drums and I like to sing. So stop by room 702, we're always open and awesome!

Alexandra Pierce, ELA Teacher - I'm a Tucson native and two time UA alumna coming to Orange Grove from Catalina Foothills HS. I started off my career at Mountain View HS which is actually where I attended school! I'm mom to a feisty 15 month old. I'm excited to able to fill a part-time English Language Arts teaching position here at Orange Grove!

Ashley Martin, Math Teacher -  I graduated from the University of Arizona and am returning to OGMS after a two year hiatus I spent with my two young daughters.   In my spare time I enjoy being with my girls, trivia, athletics, movies, board games, and reading. I look forward to seeing our familiar faces, meeting the new faces of the 2016-2017 school year, and once again being part of the wonderfully supportive community that encompasses OGMS.

Counselor's Corner

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!

We are excited to be joining you again as your counseling team here at OGMS. Caryl Altman is the 7th and 8th grade counselor and Mary Brannen is the 6th grade counselor. Together, we will be available for your questions/concerns or any way we can support you. Mrs. Altman is on campus Mon-Friday and Mrs. Brannen will be on campus Wed-Friday. Please see our website for more information on how to contact us and resources available.

We look forward to a fantastic school year!

Keeping you in the Loop at Orange Grove

Keeping you in the Loop at Orange Grove

I’m sure you will all agree that the summer flew by! Ready or not, here we go!  It is a busy time for everyone and I hope you and your student will transition back to school smoothly.   I’d like to say thank you to all the wonderful volunteers that have helped to make our Pick Up and Unpack days run smoothly.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

For those of you new to OGMS, welcome!  As a parent at Orange Grove, you are already a member of our Family Faculty Organization (FFO), and we invite you to learn more about our group by attending the first meeting of the school year on August 26th at 8:30 a.m. in the school library.  We realize that it isn’t possible for everyone to make these meetings, especially working parents, but it isn’t the only way for you to find out about what’s going on at school.  The FFO has a website where you can learn about our fundraisers, the various opportunities to volunteer, and read the minutes from our meetings.  You can always look to the monthly blog, or contact any member of the executive board if you have questions or want to know more about our group: 

We had many volunteers sign up for lunch duty at Pick Up and Unpack, but we can always use more help.  During the lunch periods, parents are needed to help supervise students so teachers and staff can take their lunch break or be available to work in other areas of campus.  Please consider visiting the sign up genius to see if there is a day/lunch time that works for you to volunteer:

THANK YOU to all of you that have already contributed to the Direct Donation Campaign!  We want you to know that every donation counts, whether it is $5 or $500, because it all goes toward supporting our students and teachers.   This campaign continues throughout the year, so if you’d like to make a donation, look for the orange envelopes in the office, contact Linda Gee at, or use the paypal option on our website:

Save the date for the Parent Open House on Thursday, September 1st at 6:00 p.m.  This is a time for parents to follow their child’s daily schedule, meet their teachers and learn more about a day in the life at Orange Grove. 

Looking forward to a GREAT year at Orange Grove.  Thank you from your FFO!

Galena Robinson, OGMS FFO President

Interested in Soccer?

Tucson Girls Chorus Seeks Singers

Sign Up for Goshinjitsu