Mindfulness Student Opportunity During AzMERIT Testing

Mindfulness-Jordan Wiley-Hill

Testing time:  can be stressful, and it demands a great deal of focus.  Luckily, mindfulness can provide support in both of those areas!  Indeed, research has shown that mindfulness training improves students’:

·       focus in the classroom and on tests
·       stress management and test anxiety
·       emotion regulation
·       academic performance

Yet something else is still greatly needed during testing time—the chance to let loose, have fun, move around, and interact with peers. 

During AzMERIT Testing Jordan Wiley-Hill will provide mindfulness workshops for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades to provide all of the above. Through highly interactive and hands-on activities, students will learn and practice mindfulness tools and techniques that they can use during testing—and beyond!

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