What's Happening in the World Language Department

The semester is coming to a close very quickly for the World Languages classes.  Students have the opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency at this point in the year in reading and listening comprehension, writing for presentation and interpersonal speaking.  The students have displayed excellent growth throughout the semester in the various skills.  As we move forward into second semester we will continue the level of proficiency expectations for all language learners and maintain our focus on oral communication skills supported by reading, writing and listening.

These are some specific thematic units that will be addressed at the beginning of the third quarter:
            Spanish 1A – Family
            Spanish 1B – Technology
            Spanish 2A – Clothing and Fashion
            Spanish 2B – School issues and opinions
            Spanish for Heritage Learners (6th) – Mystery and Fantasy
            Spanish for Heritage Learners (7th) – Myths and Legends
            Spanish for Heritage Learners (8th) – Environment

January is the cultural luncheon and some of the Spanish classes will be involved and performing at the cultural assembly.  It is always entertaining and something that the students enjoy tremendously.

In March, the eighth grade students will be taking Stamp assessment in order to assist with appropriate placement as students move forward into high school.  These are important and challenging assessments.  We appreciate support from home in ensuring that your eighth grade student is in attendance during spring testing days.

We look forward to an outstanding semester in all of the language classes and appreciate any opportunities your children have to practice at home and to engage with the material outside of the classroom.

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