Message from the Principal

Dear Orange Grove Families:

On behalf of the teachers and staff members at Orange Grove Middle School, we hope that everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving. 

Our service project has begun and it is in full swing.  We will wrap up the food drive on December 5th.  We thank all of you for the many contributions thus far.  Kindness is our theme this month and we are beginning the theme by helping our students focus on service and kindness outside our school community.  We thank Amy Bhola and Amy Hernandez as well as the other adult and student volunteers who have organized this project through our Student Action Committee (SAC).  SAC meets throughout the year to provide different opportunities for students and parents to come together and make a difference for others right here in our Tucson Community.

"Studies show children who do community service are less likely to take health risks, and are more likely to have academic success."  So this month especially, we thank you for helping us to take time to remind students of the importance of giving to others and showing kindness.  Next week,  as the food drive ends we begin another school project initiated by one of our students, Sarah Randall. Blank cards will be available in the library during lunch for students to decorate and write positive messaging on the cards.  Sarah will then distribute these cards to Diamond Children's Hospital and Handmaker. Finally, Student Council will be passing out snowflakes to post around school with kind messaging. 

We know that giving to others or performing random acts of kindness is an important concept to teach all year long.  However, with the holiday season upon us, it is a great time to do additional kind deeds.  We thank you in-advance for supporting us help model, teach and practice kindness today and always.

Below are various ways the, The Parent Institute®, copyright 2015, Source: Volunteering: Indicators on Children and Youth, shared how to support encouraging students to think about giving to others:

•Remember those who may be alone. Is there someone who would love to join your family for a special event? Have your child issue the invitation.

• Bake up some cheer. With your child, make a few dozen cookies. Take them to your local police station or firehouse.

•Go through closets. Does your child have any outgrown clothes in decent condition? Help him donate them to a charity.

•Offer to water plants or take care of pets for a neighbor who is traveling during the holidays. Offering to do this for free for someone he cares about would be a wonderful giving gesture on your child’s part.

Child Trends Databank,

Please know that while we support service outside of the OGMS community, we do know we have families who could use a little assistance right here in our own school.  If you need help or you know a family that may need some assistance during this time of year, please contact our school counselors Caryl Altman, or Mary Brannen,, and these individuals will be confidential in what they learn, but then be able to help support families right here in our own school community too. 

We wish everyone the best during the holiday season.


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