News from English Language Arts

What's new in English Language Arts?

The English Department is continuing to focus on the Arizona Career and College Readiness Standards.  

What does this look like?  

Students will be:
      Reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction
      Paying attention to text complexity and Lexile scores
      Citing textual evidence
      Reading independently and responding to assigned prompts
      Listening to arguments and distinguishing validity
      Writing in a variety of genres at all grade levels
      Developing critical thinking skills through questioning 
      Creating a variety of technology-based products
      Expanding their learning through Deep Learning Proficiencies (Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Collaboration, Creativity and Innovation, Systems Thinking, Communication)

Friendly reminders from the English Department:

Encourage students to:
      Check StudentVue and be responsible for missing work
      Read and write daily
      Check teacher websites
      Monitor and follow through on goals which have been set for 3rd quarter

What questions can you be asking?

For 6th grade:
      What is a thesis statement and why is it important?
      What does the PIE acronym stand for when writing an essay?
      How do the events of the past influence our world today?

For 7th grade:
      How can poetry help us express our ideas and emotions?
      What goes into a well-constructed paragraph?
                                      ●      What does it mean to construct support?
For 8th grade:
      How can you use systems thinking to analyze a story?
      What are the elements of an effective presentation?

      How is textual evidence used to support an analysis?

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