Parking Lot Safety

Parking Lot Safety and Getting Back Into Routine To End The Year Strong

It is that time of year when we can all get complacent in parking lot safety, but when the rules aren’t followed, we put students at risk and put them in harms way without meaning to so we would like to remind everyone of our OGMS rules to finish the year safely and strong for students who are dropped off in our front lot.

As you know our parking lot is a busy place so if you drive your teen to school, use only the front parking lot for drop-off because the busses in the bus bay aren’t expecting students to be getting out of cars and the busses have the right of way.  

When in the front lot, please follow the below rules:
Parking Lot Etiquette:

         In the morning, the closer you arrive to 7:25, the more important it is to support safety and drive slowly. So remember please be patient because safety for our students is our first priority.

• As you enter the school, remain in the right-hand lane.
Follow the circle drive around and drop off along the sidewalk of the main office past the crosswalk.  Pull all the way up to the yellow line when directed to move forward.  Students must exit on the right and will enter through the SW gate near the MPR.
If you are parking, move to your left lane and follow the traffic around to either the               first entrance or the second. 
• Park your car in a space that is not designated handicapped and remind your child as  
          he/she exits your car to look carefully for cars as he/she walks to the crosswalk.  • We let cars go through first that are in the right curb lane, so remind your child to                 wait patiently at the curb until signaled by the cross walk individual who will                 support your child crossing safely. 

Remember there is only one entrance into the parking lot. Chains remain up across all other access points to parking.  

In the afternoon…

• Remain in the right lane and pull up along the yellow line till you get to the                           designated cone that will signal where cars should begin to cue up for students if           you arrive first.

• If cars are lined up to the Orange Grove exit, do not double park, but move into the             left lane and park in the first or second parking rows.

• Students will exit from the SW gate that they entered in the morning and be moved in           the direction of the sidewalk.

• After your student has gotten into your car on the passenger side, pull out from your              spot carefully and move into the left lane to exit.

• As you exit in the morning and the afternoon, it would be ideal to turn right/west-                  bound for your safety as well as the safety of your passengers, but there is no                way for us to control this, so please be aware of other surrounding cars as you                exit.

We are able to exit students in 10-15 minutes with everyone following the rules.  We know the above options are not ideal, but with your help, and a sense of humor we will all do our best to smile through the busy parking lot duty knowing that it is only a moment in time, and that everyone wants to do their best to support students exiting or entering school safely.

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