Thank You Peer Tutors

In the article "Increase Student Engagement and Achievement with
Peer Tutors," April 2011, the results are clear that peer tutoring is an effective way to help motivate students and help them "learn how to learn" helping the tutor develop a stronger content knowledge and motivation as a result of their efforts with their peers.  Peer tutors will be back in force next year and we are hoping that we can find other ways to have students feel engaged and lead.  Look for opportunities through community schools, the Panther Den, and Wednesday mornings coming in the fall to engage your child with helping his/her peers.

Peer tutors this year were:
Izzy Adams
Romit Banerjee
Leila Dahdal
Josie Decker
Sydney Loudermilk
Sarah Randall
Annika Revis
Ellie Robinson
Max Rubin-Toles
Sophie Sethi
Simone Gelety
Mac Glaesser
Emily Gruber
Naomi Holtzman
Nathan Kuo
Safia Manne
Maggie Proebsting
Noah Wellman
Alexandra Zega

We thank Mrs. Altman for her support of our Peer Tutoring program.

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