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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Finish the Year Strong

Finish the Year Strong

Motivation has a way of decreasing as the outdoor temperature starts increasing, especially for middle schoolers.  Your child may need more encouragement and structure as he copes with an increased number of projects, papers and tests during the final months of the school year.

To support your child:

·      Make sure he has a set place for homework.  You probably did this at the beginning of the year.  Still, many families find that kids start to spread their work all over the house as the year goes on.
·      Have him write down his homework schedule and post it where he can easily see it.
·      Encourage him to make lists.  He should list the assignments he needs to complete, the materials he needs for projects and the dates for upcoming tests.
·      Offer to help.  You should never do homework for your child, but you can help in other ways.  For example, you could stop by the library on your lunch hour and pick up a book he needs.

Excerpted from The Parent Institute, Middle School Parents Make a Difference, April 2017, Vol. 20, No. 8